Asura (Steam & - PC)
Ogre Head Studio
Release Date: April 2017
Rating: 86% (Steam)

Asura is a Hack ‘n’ Slash game with rogue-like elements and procedurally generated skill Tree. Loosely inspired from Indian mythos. The game features over 70+ enemies with different behaviors and 12 epic boss fights. The procedurally generated skill tree features over 80+ skills all with different functionalities and upgrades. There are over 95+ item drops to ensure lot of game play variation and item builds. The Player will have to beat 5 procedurally generated levels to finish the game. The game supported Windows, Linux and OSX.

Awards & Recognition
"Game Of The Year Award" - NGDC 2017
"International Game Award" - BitSummit 2017 Japan
"Official Indie Mega-Booth Selection" - PAX East 2017
"Indie Game Award Nominee" - Taipei Game Show 2016
"Best Game Design Nominee" - Indie Prize 2016
"Official Indie Mega-Booth Selection" - PAX West 2016
"Best Game Hack Hyderabad" - Reliance Game Hack 2015
"Upcoming Game Of The Year Award" - NGDC 2014

Selected Articles
" No point playing safe! " - Barkha Kumari, Deccan Chronicle

"One of the things I like the most about Asura is how it takes mythology and uses it to inspire these gameplay systems."  - Heather Alexandra, Kotaku

Themed on Indian Mythology, Asura Hits like Divine Retribution”  - Old Man Mordaith

"It’s good to see an Indian studio try something different from the usual mix of Bollywood and cricket games the country is known for."  - Rishi Alwani, Yahoo

"The controls feel tight, and I would even go as far as to say that Asura might end up being much more skill-based than Diablo 3…."  - Shunal Doke, IGN

School of Dragons (PC & Mobiles)
Jumpstart Games
Release Date: July 2013
Rating: 86% (iOS)

“School Of Dragons” is based on DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon series. The game is a multiplatform title that supports crossplay. During my time here, we also prototyped for new game ideas for the company.

Worked On

  • Development of various in-game events & expansions.

  • Supported during multiple version releases.

  • Dealt with Customer service issues.

  • Enhancing & Maintaining existing systems

Al Yolla (iOS / Android)
Ogre Head Studio  
Release Date: Oct, 2016
Rating: 92% (iOS)

Al Yolla is a casual arcade game inspired by the traditional dance of the Middle east. The game was completely developed in-house at Ogre Head Studio for our client. The game got featured as editor’s choice category in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

App Store Link :

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